An online request went out for speculative (free pitch) work, the winner of which would make a logo unpaid. I disagree with this, and what followed was interesting. I found many from my year group didn’t know speculative work, and many preached the free exposure being offered to them. If you agree with the practice of not, to be informed about these practices is vital.

The format itself is a zine which lends itself to a mutual voice that can inform issues related to the talking point. My goal was to produce a desirable piece of print that had short but concise viewpoints on issues. As mentioned before it’s purpose is to inform the reader about an issue, without directly telling them what to do, as nobody likes being told what to do.

Through a better understanding surround the issue, I believe people can make better judgements for themselves. The title InTurn conveys the concept of knowledge being passed from generation to generation, as younger creatives can learn from those more experienced.